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The Herb Guide

The Herb Guide will answer your questions on the best methods of growing and using herbs.

From angelica through basil and parsley to wormwood - from culinary through cosmetic to medicinal - from growing to storing.

You will find information on the best herbs to select for an indoor garden, herbs that you should have growing fresh and which are OK to buy dried.

Don't let the snobs put you off about dried - the debate rages and here in the Herb Guide you can rest assured, that whatever way you want to use herbs is OK.

Drying herbs is an ancient method of storing them - you need a cool and airy place to leave them - constant temperatures are necessary - modern houses don't have places like that so if you don't grow them yourself or buy them fresh, then go buy them at a shop that has a quick turnover - contrary to popular opinion, dried herbs do not taste of 'nothing' if they're fresh dried.

Big companies spend thousands of pounds on researching the best methods of drying and storing - you couldn't possibly recreate those conditions, so when your supply in the garden runs out or if you simply don't have space to grow any herbs, then the Herb Guide recommends that you BUY dried herbs - any herbs are better than none ;-)

Herb Guide Blog The Herb Guide - the latest additions to The Herb Guide are all listed here. Interesting snippets of information and news.

Growing Herbs A section devoted to growing herbs. From a basic herb garden, through to an indoor herb garden. How to rescue a neglected herb garden.

Growers Dictionary The Growers Dictionary is where you will find explanations of the terms gardeners use. How to layer and divide plants, make a cloche - what's mulch? How do you sow seeds - lots of tips and hints.

Herb Recipes Herb Recipes. Easy to follow instructions and tips for using herbs in your cooking. Cut down on fats and salt and use herbs to flavour your food.

Preserving Herbs Preserving herbs outlines the various methods of using herbs out of season. From making jellies and sauces to freezing and drying - naturally and in the microwave.

Alphabetical List of Herbs An alphabetical list of herbs with links for growing and using them.

Ayurvedic Herbs A section devoted to ayurvedic herbs. Their uses in medicine and wellness and the history and philosophy of ayurvedic herbal medicine.

Herb Guide News

Herbal Remedies Herbal remedies have a long history. Our ancestors used medicinal herbs all the time as there was no choice. Here you will find answers to some of your questions about herbal cures.

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Herb Guide Newsletter The Herb Guide Newsletter is a free publication that brings you tips on growing and using herbs. From culinary through cosmetic to medicinal

Buy Herbs An online catalog of herb plants and seeds for sale. Full descriptions with color photos of more than 50 varieties of herbs.

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Herb Roasted Chicken A delightfully simple herb roasted chicken. Ideal for a mid week meal with baked poatoes and a salad or a summer roast when it's too hot to be in the kitchen.

Green Tea Green Tea is the best all round drink you can have. It's attributed to be helpful in weight loss, blood sugar management, lowering blood pressure and protecting against cancers.

Herbs A guide to herbs and their uses. Culinary, medicinal, cosmetic.

The Herb Guide