'He Ain't my Brother, He's Just Heavy' for The Hollies

'My Old Man's a Postman' for Lonnie Donegan

I've Got my Dojo Working' for Muddy Waters

'Raspberry Fields Forever for The Beatles'

'Two Little Girls' for Rolf Harris

''Hi Ho Silver Collar' for Jeff Beck

'Jumping D'Arcy Flash' for The Rolling Stones

'Achy Breaky Fart' Billy Ray Cyrus

'Lying Tow Rag' for The Eagles

'You'll never get to Devon' for Dionne Warwick

'In The Nude' for Glen Miller

'Forgettable' for Nat King Cole

'New Eltham, New Eltham' for Frank Sinatra

'Queen of the Road' for Roger Miller

'I'm Still Kneeling' for Elton John

'White Easter' Bing Crosby

'Nessun Korma' for Pavarotti

'All Left Now' for Free

'Nine Stone Ploughboy' for Glen Campbell

'Somewhere Under The Rainbow' for Judy Garland

'The Girl from Ilford' Astrid Gilberto

'Your Way' for Frank Sinatra

'Every time we say Hello' for Ella Fitzgerald

'Take Four' for Dave Brubeck

'Life is Just a Bowl of Grapes' Traditional

'Tie Me Aardvark Down Sport' for Rolf Harris

'Sweet Home Gillingham' for The Blues Brothers

'Lazing on a Monday Afternoon' for The Kinks

'Walking in an Autumn Wonderland' Rosmary Clooney

'Life in the Slow Lane' for The Eagles

'When you Wish Upon A Planet' for Jiminy Cricket

'I want to Hold Your Foot' for The Beatles

'Mellow Green' for Donavan

'Delilo' for Tom Jones

'Blackberry Hill' for Fats Domino

'Little White Hamster' Tommy Steel

'Bogies are Forever' for Shirley Bassey

'The Last Samba' for Engelbert

'Gypsies, Tramps & Milkmen' by Cher

'Living La Hokey Cokey' for Ricky Martin

'You're Simply a Pest' for Tina Turner

Hello Les..........I just read your "rejected" songs and I thought I'd add a few "near misses" that Acker Bilks mate Bert Og wrote.... I've got you under my sink... 75 trombones... Trouble over Bridgewater ... White Easter ... Whole lotta Ethel... Midnight in Wigan... When I'm 63 .... and some stage shows.... Ryvita.... Rats.... Phantom of the jam night... North Pacific... Stop the wife I want to get off.