Alternative Band Names

Barry Archer & the Quivers

Leonard Phlegming & the Gilberts

Wayne Scales & the Dieticians

Waldo Slade & the Woods

Lee Ningon & the Lamposts

Emma Royd & Preparation H

Dick Tater & the Third Reich

Tiny Hampton and the Cocktail Sausages

Letitia Paper & Clean X

Les Allgo & Down the Strand

Liz N & the Hearing Aids

Barry Kuda & the Sharks

Carol Singer & the Nativities

Ollie & the I V's

Mary & the Christmases

John Mayall & the Yore Chris Mass S B Whites

Noddy & the Big Ears

B Narna & the Splits

Ravi Oli & the Pasta's

N D Arna & The Jones

Jay's Son & the Argo Naughts

Pat Ronise & the Under Miners

Ewan Kerr & the Bad Habits

Wendy & the Red, Red Robins

Kinbas & the Turds

Toad & the Holes

G Tar & the Cases

C Tar & the Tablas

A Lean & the End Titties

J Arthur & the Rancours

Betty & the Swollocks

Sherlock Homes & the Sheltered Accomodation

Ken Dodd's Dad's Dog's Dead

Walter Wall & the Carpets

Electric Bill & the Estimated Readings

N Fection & Thrush

Novuk & Goode

Benny Volent & the Fund Raisers

Vern Nakula & the Dialogue

Art Breaker & the Ventricles

Leon Solent & the Gosports

Bill Board & the Posters

Wayne Kerr & the 'Baytors

Russel Prout & the Vegetables

Jack Russel & the Terriers

Terry Firma & the Landfall

Road Kill, featuring Jay Walker

Juan Eater & the Broken Dentures (h sound for the J)

(From Spain) Jose & the Firemen

Phil Bad & the Hypochondriacs

Mister E & the Suspense

Terry Dact & the Eels

D Fame & the Libellers

Sandy Balls & the Naturists

B Trix & the Potters

Anna Log & the Delays

A Bacus & the Counters

N E Old & the Irons

Anna Din & the Extras

Mike & the Stands

Bill Said & the Reciepts

Will Made & the Testators

June Nipper & the Circumcisors

Norman Conquest & the Invadors

Rich Pickings & the Gravy Train

Rick Shaw & the Buggies

P C & the World

Nell Sun & the Columns

Wyn Curl & the Pickers

Sunny Days & the Blue Skies

Di Rhea & the Trotters

Rowan Boat & the Rowlocks

Joe King & the Comedians

Tom Bowler & the Raffles

Rosie Lee & Cuppas

Anna Rack & the Train Spotters

Miss Taken & the Errors

D Odour Ant & the Aerosoles (steady)

Ron Note & the Dodgy Norwegians

Stu Pid & the Idiots

R Soul & the Agents

Scott A Willy & the Baby Boys

Mary Christmas & the Elves

Courtney Big Guns & the Fishermen

Ray Gun & the Ex - Presidents

M A B Its a Big Horse & the Londoners

Doewinda Lamba & the Thwoks

Frank Lee-Speaking & the Discussions

Norma Lee-Vacant & the Absence

D Kree & the Absolutes

Nina & The Ambulances

Neil Down & the Prayers

B Seated & the Chairs

Mal E Volent & the Gossips

Ginger Marks & the Underpants

Jenny Taylor & the Privates

Corporal Punishment and the Spankings

Al E Kat & the Kittens

Pete Zsar & the Toppings

Paul Bearer & the Coffins

P Nissenvy & the Medicals

Walter Pratt & the Nurds

Melanie Bird & the Jugs

Saul Over & the End

Sam N Chanted & the Evenings

I P Daly & the Pottees

Hugh Rynal & the Gents

Hunter Lion & the Big Game

Red Adair & the Ginger Rogers

Red N E Goode & the Books

U Fry & the Breakfasts

C Real & the Bowls

General Motors & the Vauxhalls

Bridget & the Dentist

Our Monica & the Mouth Organs

Telly West & the Broadbands

B T & the Internets

F A & the Cups

Wendy & the Red Red Robins

Robin Banks & the Ramraiders

Anita Harris & the Tidy Bottoms

L O Peesha & the Scalps

F T & the Indexes

Nicholas Persons & the Fetishes

C U N Court & the Solicitors

Paddy O'Dors & the Windows

Bill Ding & the Erections

N Tense & the Campers

Sam & Ella Poison & the Tummy Aches

Ali Barber & the Hair Cuts

Don Key & the Ho Tease

Jenny Russ & the Donations

Stan Dingroomonly & Minder Doors

Benny Factor & the Inheritors

Toby A Pilgrim & the Holy Grail

Paul Tree & Foul Play

C Lee & the Mid Offs

Barbie Q & the Source

Val N Seer & the Barcelonas

Harry Stottle & the Ancient Greeks

T Ford & the Austin 7

Cherry Tree & the Orchard

Harry Covert & the Bean Poles

Mycroft & the Smallholdings

Hans Delving & the Gynaecologists

Juan Way & the Streets

Carmen Gettit & the Second Helpings

Hugh Jampton & the Genitalia

Marge E Pan & the Battenburgs

Fran G Parney & the Trees

Mandy Yorown & the Firkin Business

Gordon & the Blurs

Tam Plate & the Prototypes

Sally Manger & the French Dining Rooms

Ollie M Pick & the Games

Anne Droid & the Robots

Joe Blob & the Malaprops

Sexual Ealing

Brent Ford & the Nylons

Bud G & the Parrot Noids

Cliff & the Hangers Oprah & the Arias

Cally Donia and the Express Trains

L Met & the Crashes

Terry Dactil & the Dinosaurs

Scottie Dog & the Terriers

Nina & the Police Sirens

Ewan Mee & the Others

A Garret & the Loft Conversions

Dom Nate & the SM's

Saint Martin & the Fields

Pappy Yon & the Butterflies

Al Catraz & the Prisoners

Hugh J'Gonads & the Big Trousers

Corrie Gate Ted & the Irons

Basil Don & the Bonds

Mike Hunt & the Houndogs

Austin Tayshus & the Show Offs

Harry Dan & the Fish Wives

Sue E Side & the Pacts

Stan Bye & the Yormans

Arthur Pint & the Chasers

B Gall & the Reformed Smokers

Kat Tass & the Trophies

Fanny Washer & the B days

Wynne Screenwiper & the Washers

R Furdayley & the Minders

G Chaucer & the Canterbury Tales

Mick E & the Mouse Cartoons

Len Derhand & the Helpers

E Zeestart & the Glo Plugs

Den Im & the Jeans

E Ring & the Aids

Chloe Supp & the Macros

Clarina & the Nets

Cass Cara & the Purgatives

Lou Tonn & The Arches

Martha Tydville & Welsh Rarebits

Will Come & The Hillsides