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Find A Seafood Recipe

The first place to look for your seafood recipe A fish or seafood recipe for every occasion - snacks, family meals, dinner parties, lunches, barbecues and picnics. Seafood is good for you.

Seafood is quick to cook and easy to digest.

Seafood is high in protein, vitamins, minerals and natural oils.

Seafood is low in calories and cholesterol.

I have a recipe that will be just right for you.

The exact thing you're looking for.

Have a look below for a list of categories and what's in them - from a classic recipe for Prawn Provencale to recipes using canned fish - simple, quick and economical, using store cupboard ingredients.

Find a seafood recipe is growing every week as I research and expand.

If you're referred from David of Bladesfood in Hull and not here as a result of an internet search for a recipe - then Hello - you've reached Liz at the right place ;-)

Blades Foods If you click here, then you will open David's site in a new window - you can explore and place your online order for a seafood delivery.

If you have seafood recipes of your own you would like to contribute - please feel free. If you're looking for a specific recipe and you don't find it here - once again, get in touch and I'll do my best to find it for you.

Coronary Heart Disease is a major killer. Click here to read about the health benefits of fish and how easy it is to increase the amount you eat. How seafood can help you avoid coronary heart disease

Seafood Recipe Blog Seafood Recipe Blog will give you up to date seafood recipes, news and interesting research about eating seafood.

Seafood Recipe Index Seafood recipe index. Fish taco, fish cakes, casseroles, stews, soups, canned fish, gumbo, chowder, grills, bakes and barbecues.

Recipes Using Canned Fish Index Recipes Using Canned Fish. Meals straight from your storecupboard. Tasty and versatile canned tuna, crab, salmon, mackerel, sardine recipes.

Crockpot Recipes For Fish Crockpot Recipes for fish. Recipes inluding Jambalaya, seafood casserole, prawn byriani and soups and stews.

Fried Fish Recipes Index Fried Fish recipes. Lots of recipes for fried fish, cod in beer batter, herrings in oatmeal, perfect fish and chips, Japanese Tempura

Grills and Barbecue Recipe Index A section devoted to fish and seafood grill and barbecue recipes. A great way of cooking fish and seafood. Dover Sole to Barbecue Shrimp.

Herbs Herbs with fish and seafood. A section devoted to the most popular herbs used in cooking fish. Recipes and guidelines for growing and storing.

Smoked Fish Smoked fish is so tasty and quick to cook. From breakfast, through lunch and tea to recipes for dinner parties. Smoked haddock, cod, salmon, mackerel, trout, kippers - the list is endless.

Baked Seafood Recipes Index A tasty selection of baked seafood recipes. Au gratin, baked salmon, dips, goujons, seafood pasta bake, stuffed salmon and sea bass, baked grouper, cod, halibut, trout

Seafood Pasta Recipes Index Seafood Pasta Recipes. Tasty, quick and simple, the perfect combination - seafood and pasta. Lasagne, fettucine, macaroni bake, alfredo, scallops, prawn, shrimp, tuna recipes

Seafood 'n' Rice Recipes Seafood and Rice dishes. Thai, indian, and chinese curry, paella, japanese sushi, cajun, mexican, cajun fish dishes.

Fish Sauce Recipes Index Fish Sauce Recipes. A collection of seafood sauce, stock and stuffing recipes. Pasta, white, hollandaise, bearnaise, mayonannise, tartare and fish stuffings.

Seafood Soup Recipe Index Seafood Soup Recipe Index. A variety of seafood soups, italian, boullibaise, bisque, cajun and basic family soups.

Seafood Stew Recipes Seafood Stew recipes - delicious ideas and combinations for seafood stew recipes.

Buying Fish Some advice on what to look for when buying fish. Tips and ideas on how to get the best possible seafood.

Poached Fish Recipes A section devoted to poached fish recipes. Poaching fish is a really simple method of cooking and gives you the base for a great sauce, using the wine, milk or stock that the fish has been poached in.

Simple Fish Recipes Simple fish recipes - you couldn't get much simpler than this - a kedgeree pie. A great way of using up bits of smoked haddock - or a mixture of fish.

Fish For Health A section which looks at how eating fish can be beneficial. Fish for health covers combatting heart disease, skin cancer and poor concentration in children and gives general dietary advice.

Culinary Careers A free resource giving information about careers in culinary arts, catering and allied industries

Poster Index An Index of posters, prints and pictures. Seafood, fish and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions. You just might find the answer you're looking for or post a question of your own. A wry look at life - check it out...

Recipe Books A selection of recipe books

My Journey My journey - I finally found a pearl.

Seafood Recipe News

Freshwater Fish Recipes A section devoted to freshwater fish recipes. Apart from salmon and trout, this section covers bream, carp, eel, perch and pike. The methods can be used on any catch of the day.

Baked Trout Recipe A tasty baked trout recipe with wine and herbs. Simple and quick to prepare but fit for a dinner party. The perfect way to serve baked trout.

Seafood Seafood articles published by Liz of outlining the benefits of eating fish and seafood to improve your health

Lobster A section on buying, preparing and cooking live lobster. Free recipes and information on how to eat it. Also festivals and restaurants

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