The Blues Mothers & We Were There

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Seven String Les and Liz are The Original Blues Mothers - augmenting for different venues and events.
Apart from performing for the entire evening - The Blues Mothers/We Were There also organise jam/open mic afternoons & evenings. With the availability of all backline amps, PA system, microphones and drums - these sessions are recorded for playback via our Various Hosts and sometimes filmed for You Tube

There are many 'Spin - Off' ensembles to cover different genres of music. 'SEVEN STRING LES' as a solo performer accompanying himself. An evening of music for any occasion. Jazzy Standards, Oldies, Comedy - with witty banter for entertainment - or without for receptions and light backround music etc
'WE WERE THERE" A non - stop request show of songs from the last 80 years. A compact quiet guitar duo augmenting with drums for club/pub work. Much of our work with this unit takes place in Residential Homes for the Elderly and Dementia Cafes.
'THE ROCKAPADDIES' Goodtime Rock & Roll with an Irish Twist. (Ideal for Irish Themed Events, St, Patrick's Night and New Year festivities)
'THE OLD COW HANDS' Old time Country Music featuring well known Country Classics.
'THE BLUE GRASSED FLYERS' Skiffle based entertainment.
'HUGH KULELE' Solo request show - or as a duo called 'UKULELE CAFE' Songs from the last 80 years.
'AGE RELATED' An unusual band including powerful 'Girl Songs' & earthy 'Country Rock'
'SCREWY DRIVER & FRIENDS' Songs from the 60s with Monster Raving Loony Chris Driver + 'We Were There'