The Blues Mothers

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Seven String Les and Lighthouse Liz are The Original Blues Mothers - augmenting for different venues and events.
Apart from performing for the entire evening - The Blues Mothers also organise jam/open mic afternoons & evenings. With the availability of all backline amps, PA system, microphones and drums - these sessions are recorded for playback via our Various Hosts and sometimes filmed for You Tube

Here it is at last! An interactive jam night featuring music from the sixties. Gradually our equipment will become fully authentic as we manage to locate more items. One of the important factors of these events is the 'Show and Tell' element. Gibson Humming Birds, Strats, Teles, Les Pauls, Watkins, Hofners and many more - the list seems endless - and they will all appear from time to time. WE WERE THERE nights are amazing events!